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Rua Principal N°1979
2425-821 Cha da Laranjeira


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +351 244 613869
Fax: +351 244 613875

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CALIBRAFRUTA is on the market since 1992 as a manufacturer of sorting lines for almost all kinds of known fruits and vegetables.

Constantly developing new technologies, its remarkable precision on fruit selection by weight, diameter, color, quality and brix makes it one of the most reliable companies on the sector.

Based on solid engineering construction, compact dimensions in order to adapt to all possible areas and dynamic processes, the tailor-made options provide unlimited solutions and a close approach to the client’s needs, being able to fulfil each requirement inside a packinghouse.

Handling fruit and vegetables with care has never been so easy.

CALIBRAFRUTA offers a wide range of crate/box and bin unloaders with automatic processes for bigger production demands as well as for smaller farmers looking for economic yet efficient and time saver equipments. As an added value, CALIBRAFRUTA delivers washing, polishing, drying and waxing solutions built according to the product specifications.Last but not least, CALIBRAFRUTA also provides a good deal of packing solutions idealized to save labour and maximize the production outcome.