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CASI - Cooperativa Prov. Agraria y Ganadera San Isidro


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Ctra. Nijar s/n
04120 Almería Almería


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 950 626007
Fax: +34 950626185

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CASI is an Agricultural Cooperative of Fruits and Vegetables, specialized in tomatoes, created in 1944 in Almeria, Andalusia.
It currently has more than 1700 farmers. Thanks to them and their great experience, Almost is one of the largest producers specialized in tomato in Europe with more than 210 000 T of tomatoes per year.
The products that reach the traditional CASI auction have been selected and classified by the farmers themselves, according to the standardization criteria authorized by the European markets.
CASI continues to grow and develop its business with:
• A range of ecological products
• Introduction of other conventional vegetables such as peppers, aubergines and zucchini
• Modernization of CASI airport, one of the most modern tomato handling centers in Europe.
For years, the Cooperative has been involved in natural agriculture, favored by the excellent climatic conditions in which our products grow.