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48 Prince Street
Hantsport NS B0P 1P0


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Telefon: +1 877 5513231

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History and family resonate in our industry. Since 1933, when CKF, Inc. was established, we have been proudly servicing the packaging needs of major North American grocery retailers, growers and packers and the company is still related to the Founders. CKF operates 5 manufacturing plants across Canada, employing over 700 people to produce a range of moulded fibre, rPET, and EPS packaging. Whether it is apple trays, PET trays or moulded fibre punnets, CKF has the ideal package for your fresh produce and your target markets. Time from our plant floor to European ports is only 12 days and economical freight rates makes CKF a reliable and cost effective supplier.

CKF launched the Earthcycle (tm) line of sustainable packaging for the produce industry in 2014. Since then, the packaging has been increasingly adopted because of its strength and support of retailer and grower sustainability efforts. Certified compostable to European standards, renewable and recycable, the Earthcycle product range helps grow sales and differentiate your conventional and organic produce.