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Luzernestraat 53
2153 GM Nieuw Vennep


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +31 252 240950
Fax: +31 252 240959

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Celtic Cooling is a trendsetter in cooling and freezing solutions for international agro- and food business clients in flowers, fruit, vegetables and other markets, based in the Netherlands.
Our company has 20 years of experience in designing, delivering and installing tailor-made cooling and freezing installations, airconditioning systems and turn-key solutions. We have realized projects for all kinds of purposes, and our customer base includes companies from a wide range of business sectors.
The solid base of Celtic Cooling is our team of approximately 75 passionate and well-trained professionals, who take pride in what they do.

In addition to design, delivery and installation, of course we have the required in-house expertise concerning laws and regulations with regard to cooling and freezing installations. This includes energy efficiency, an integral part from the design phase onwards.

Selecting exactly the right refrigeration or freezing technique is essential for the quality of your product. We are trendsetters in developing company-specific and product-specific installations. With the perfect balance between humidity, temperature and air circulation, we create the optimal environment. For any project, we always take an integral approach including such aspects as space or installation size, materials to be used, hygiene, energy efficiency, logistical flows and the environment.

Thanks to our focus on quality and our approach to doing business, we have built an excellent reputation and market position, resulting in a steadily growing volume of orders. We aim for long-term win-win partnerships with our clients. As fellow entrepreneurs, maximum customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Your product and process knowledge and our expertise will go hand in hand.

You will be up to date throughout the cycle of consultancy, design, installation and maintenance. Partnering with Celtic Cooling also means: personal contact, short lines of communication and periodic consultation.

Our main office is located in Nieuw-Vennep, close to two of the country’s horticultural cluster regions as well as Amsterdam International Airport. We have regional offices in Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Dubai.