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15th Klm Larisas- Tyrnavou
40100 Larisa


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 2492025301

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Th Chatzidakis S.A has been a successful active business in the field of packacking and distribution of fresh fruits. The company is recognised by all the essential operation certifications and following the most modern warehouse management trends, it can ensure the best quality of fresh packaged fruit in big quantities.
The company Th. Chatzidakis S.A. owns modern cold chambers used for long term storage of total capacity of 10.000 tons and it also owns a packaging plant with 3 modern electronic fruit sorting equipment. The company employs approximately 40-50 people on both a full time and part time basis.

Every year manages about
10000 -11 000 tons fruits procured mainly from the area of Tirnavos but also from other parts of Greece as St. Larissa, Katerini,Agia and Kastoria.
The main bulk of produce consists of kiwis(5000 tons), apples (7000 tons), pears (2000 tons). Over the last years a particular emphasis is placed on exports to foreign markets such as USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Spain and Italy, India.