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6 Moshe Sharet street, 2nd floor
Rishon LeZion 7570427


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Telefon: +972 543666838

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Leading software provider of next-gen, automatic quality optimization solutions for the Fresh Produce industry.

Clarifruit offers a cloud-based software platform (mobile and web interfaces) that can automatically identify, collect, and analyze real-time data about the fruit/veg external and internal characteristics. Our app analyzes external characteristics such as size, color, and defects using a smartphone camera and internal characteristics using 3rd-party tools, such as refractometer and mini spectrometer. Clarifruit’s platform leverages proprietary computer vision & machine-learning software, application platform, and sensor-based algorithms.

Our big-data repository is the only industry-platform capable of analyzing overall produce quality, and is uniquely positioned to derive operational insights to optimize supply-chain processes and enhance revenue opportunities

We target the entire Fresh Produce supply-chain, from the growers in the field to the retailers. The ability to get automatic, real-time quality analysis enable supply-chain participants to make sound decisions and save money associated with labor-intensive and destructive practices used today, taking the guesswork out of the decision-making process.

Clarifruit revenue model does not require any upfront investment from the customer - it is based on QCaaS (Quality-Control as a Service) model, where we charge our customers based on actual usage, with flexibility for seasonal packages according to required functionality and peak-usage