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Douar Sidi Moussa Lhamri Ouled Teima
83500 Taroudant


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +212 5 28 528 664/666/669
Fax: +212 5 28 52 87 34

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Clementina is a packing station and pack house of citrus, located in the region of Agadir. Affiliated to Bestland, an agricultural and agroindustrial group established over 400 ha in the Souss region, the packing station has the most recent and cutting-edge machinery and packaging technologies that exists in Morocco. Meeting the strictest international agroindustial criteria, Clementina offers services including packaging, processing, packaging, cold storage , export and marketing of citrus.

Key figures of Clementina pack house :
  • Date of creation 2011
  • Investment 100 Millions Dhs
  • Area 13 200 m² (5Ha on ground)
  • Cooling capacity 4200 T
  • Potential treatement volume(2011-2012) 50 000 T
  • Affiliated Farms 1000 Ha
  • Total workforce 300
  • Compliance Global Gap, ...

Internationally renowned for its exceptional taste and nutritional qualities, the Moroccan clementine is a unique product. Our production comes exclusively from the Souss region, the heart of Moroccan citrus.
Strictly controlled throughout the production and packaging chain, our product offering has the ability to respond to any type of application, to meet the requirements of different export markets.

Bestland brings together all the agricultural activities of Ghissassi group. Dedicated to a very large part in the culture of citrus, clementines in particular. Since 1997, more than 200 million dirhams (U.S. $ 25 million) have been invested in agricultural areas totaling 400 ha area in the region of Souss, including cleaner production, continuous growth, reaching more than 10000t.
Since 2011, the group has its own packing station of citrus, Clementina, which required an additional investment of 100 million dirhams (U.S. $ 13 million). The station has the equipment and the most advanced technologies in packaging, processing, cold storage and packing of citrus.
In the moving Morocco's economy, Bestland aspires to be a modern and competitive agricultural and agro-industrial pole, able to export and to represent the origin of Morocco and abroad.