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Nutriotion type: mg
Protein 2.33
Carbohydrates 14.65
Water 73.23
Fiber 3.30
Calories 67.20
Vitamins mg
Riboflavin 0.04
Thiamine 0.08
Niacin 1.340
Ascorbic Acid 15.20
Vitamin b-6 0.200
Season: year-round
Packing: 9 - 12 pcs / carton


Tropical Fruit Vegetable Co. Ltd.

Tropical Fruit Vegetable Co. Ltd.



To working with Tropical fruit, we are sure you will be fully pleased with wide variety and richness of our products, together with special flavor, memorable taste, and impeccable colors of Vietnam’s fruits. All your need will be completely satisfied.
“Always refreshing more … for everyone, everyday, everywhere!”
We are introducing to you the goodness of authentic of products has strict controlled by Global gap standard and FSSC. With the experience and policy of our company, we are bring nutritious value and good health to you by supplying our products that meet the require of quality, regulation and food safety hygiene
Exporting vegetables and all kinds of fresh fruit to the difficult market like Australia, U.S.A, Germany, U.K, France, Netherlands, Switzerland…
Main products : Passion fruit, fresh coconut, Dragon fruit, rambutan and many tropical fruits other
Growing passion fruit, processing pure passion fruit juice concentrate and export under Fairtrade certificate by fair trade standard of organizations FLO

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