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Via Sommacampagna, 22
37137 Verona


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 045 8628611
Fax: +39 045 8628635

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Corsi S.p.A. offers transport services for third parties at controlled temperatures, both positive and negative. It also has a hub (terminal) in Verona, where the goods can be stored temporarily before being transported to the final destination.
Transport services in export from Italy reach an important part of Europe and are of two types: full loads and partial loads (groupage).
For full loads we offer daily departures to Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, England, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Spain. Denmark and Scandinavia. Currently we are developing new transport-lines to other countries.
For partial loads (groupage) we offer daily departures from Italy to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and 2 or 3 weekly departures to Austria.
We carry out transport services for goods imported from different European Countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Poland, and so on) having destination in Italy for full loads
For partial loads from Italy (groupage) departures are not peremptory but rather are defined according to the requests and requirements of the Customers. For this type of service it is preferable to send a written request (the request quote section of the website may be used for this) specifying the date and place of loading, quantity of goods to be transported and date and place of unloading.
Corsi S.p.A. carries out also national transport services. The type of national transport services is very varied (south-north transport and back, transport distribution of goods for large-scale distribution, transport for collection at the terminal in Verona of goods to other countries, transport from Verona for delivery of goods coming from abroad).
Whatever type of transport is required (import, export or national) full loads are for any type of foodstuff (vegetables, fruits, other foodstuff, fresh or frozen meat) and partial loads (groupage) include vegetables, fruit and other foodstuff products.
Whatever is your transport need, please do not hesitate to send us a request for a quote or contact us. We are available to assess and meet any requests you may have for the transport of foodstuffs.
Our fleet consists of more than 90 owned trucks and more than 100 refrigerated trailers for controlled temperature transport.
Refrigerated bodies are also equipped with refrigeration plants that maintain both positive and negative constant temperatures regardless of the outside temperatures.
All semitrailers comply with ATP standards.
Corsi S.p.A. always takes care of the requirements of its Customers and always carries out its activities with care and professionalism.
In the year 2010 these efforts succeeded in achieving important certifications for foodstuff security (IFS Logistic).
From 2014 CORSI S.p.A. has also been certified ORGANIC for the warehouse in Verona
The terminal in Verona offers approximately 10,000 square meters of refrigerated storage.
Corsi S.p.A. stores are located in strategic position for all companies who want to move their products.
They are located within the Verona area interport in one of the largest agri-food districts of Italy, at the intersection of the corridor V (Lisbona-Kiev) and the corridor I (Berlin- Palermo).
It has several cold storage, for both negative and positive temperatures, and is equipped with specific equipment to meet any storage and handling requires.
The store offers the following logistics services: picking and packing, order intake, transfer and all referring administrative services . The aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers and share the responsibility for the care of products, giving continuity to the cold chain.
Corsi S.p.A. also has also a customs warehouse (warehouse type C n° VR/9)
Corsi S.p.A. is available to any request for logistics services, for any explanation and, if appropriate, for a business-meeting in order to assess all the customer needs