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Veselina Maslese 32
11000 Belgrad


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +381 112852669

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The company D.V.A. SAGAL AGRAR d.o.o. was founded in 2012. with an idea to offer biologically healthy product of highest quality to domestic market. Choosing to produce with hydroponic system on an artificial substrate (rock wool), all aspects of tomato production are controlled. It contributes the use of the most sophisticated equipment which is installed in the facility: fertilization unit and computer for control of microclimate conditions, as well as rail system for heating. Also, team of eminent experts, domestic and foreign, follow every step of the production process, from choosing the seeds, overlooking growth of the seedlings and harvest methods, to final packaging and delivery of products.
The products of D.V.A. SAGAL AGRAR d.o.o. are: regular tomato, pink tomato, cherry and special varieties of cherry tomato. Also, there are several types of packaging: container of 250g and 500g for cherry tomato, plastic bag 600g for pink tomato and cardboard container 600g for pink tomato and cherry tomato.