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Via Magazzini Anteriori, 63
48122 Ravenna


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0544 426711
Fax: +39 0544 427799

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Our company, Tramaco Srl, is a freight forwarder and logistics provider specialized in fresh produce. The company was born in 1992 and mainly takes care of sea freights by reefer containers, handling, quality control, cold storage/warehousing, international road transportation by dedicated reefer lorries. We are located in Ravenna, Italy, which is an important key port for distribution in Italy and to all main South and North european destinations and we also have our office in Koper, Slovenia, which is another very important hub for distribution of fresh produce in Europe.
On January 2017 TRAMACO, in a perspective of strategic reinforcement for his international business development, joined Del Corona & Scardigli group, Global Freight Forwarder based in Leghorn. TRAMACO took the role of "Reefer and Perishable Division" of the Group, changing its name into "DCS TRAMACO Srl" but remaining an independent company.
The jointly approved business plan is focused on the future integration and synergy between the two companies and is targeted to a further volume growth and to a development of new markets.