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Ina Plastics’ will be introducing at the Fruit Logistica ’19 their latest product based on the Double Tray System concept. The DTS 240 plug tray (tray + base) is designed to be compatible with plugs (rock wool or foam) already widely used in high-tech propagation. This new tray system consisting of 240 cavities is best suited for plugs of 27mm diameter.
The cavities are specially designed to offer perfect aeration to the plant and the system designed to work in the filling, sowing and transplanting lines. At the same time offering all the advantages of the DTS: economy hygiene, productivity, quality of plants and most importantly protection of the environment.


Ina Plastics SA

Ina Plastics SA



Ina Plastics is manufacturing plastic products for the horticultural industry. With more than 25 years of experience, the company has reached a point where it can satisfy every grower’s need by providing a range of products from pots and carrying trays to seedling and propagation trays.
The last couple of years the company has developed a new innovative solution in the fields of hydroponics and propagation. This revolutionary new product is called the Double Tray System and is the superior alternative to the EPS tray. It has numerous benefits compared to the EPS (better logistics, lower price) and none of the EPS disadvantages (eco–friendly, higher reusability).
While most growing companies in Greece and numerous in Europe have already incorporated the Double Tray System in their sowing lines and have achieved better production costs/rates, there has been an unprecedented interest in the American Market as well, making the product even more accountable.

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