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12th km Veria-Naoussa Rd.
59200 Naousa


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 2332042412
Fax: +30 2332042600

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Daios Plastics S.A was founded in 1975 mainly producing shopping bags. Within a short period of time the company focused exclusively on the production of specialised films for agricultural applications.

According to the company’s philosophy of growth and innovation its main activity is the production of special polyethylene films, aiming at the improvement of the cultivating conditions of profitable crops, such as asparagus, cotton, vineyards, tobacco, cherries and other vegetables. All the products are produced by top quality raw materials, which are provided to Daios Plastics by its strategic partner, DOW CHEMICALS.

One strong partnership, on which the company also invested, is the co-operation with Rivulis irrigation, which assisted Daios Plastics to enter in the production of drip irrigation pipes.

At the focal point of all efforts and developments is one thought: the needs and requirements of our customers. For this reason we don’t just produce plastic products but we conceive ideas and methods that change the cultivating process and offer solutions to the farmer’s problems.

Biz Chances

With a portfolio of 45 patents, we are looking for dealers and partners all around the world to further develop our network.