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9, Av Khalid bnou loualid, Ain Sebaa
20000 Casablanca


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +212 665 186 868

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Delassus Group has existed for over 70 years. We have specialized in production, packaging and export of four products: citrus, cherry tomatoes, grapes and flowers. We export 80 000 tons on average each year and employ 5,400 people in Morocco. In 2018, we started developping avocados and pomgranate.

Duroc, our affiliated company produce 100% of our snacking tomatoes We grow cherry tomatoes, baby plum, colours, cherry on the vine and the extra special. We work all year non stop.

Delassus sources its export of Citrus mainly from our own orchard: more than 2,000 ha and pack around 40,000 tons. Besides, we monitor and advise producers affiliated to the Group. We provide the necessary support to assist them in upgrading their quality.
Clementine Nules, Esbal and Orogrande: from Oct to December
Nour: Mid december- February
Nadorcott: Mid december - mid April
Navel: Mid dec mid February
Maroc late: Mid March - Jully

Our strategy
  • Achieve an excellent customer relationship
  • Increase recognition for reliability
  • Establish a clear strategy for the management of plantations
  • Have the flexibility to provide the most demanding markets