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Autoput za Zagreb 35
11070 Belgrade


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +381 11 2012300
Fax: +381 11 2012417

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As a member of Delta Holding, the company Delta Agrar Ltd. has been present in the agribusiness community since 1993 and remains a leader in all aspects of agricultural operations. Through intensive implementation of state-of-the-art world technologies in agribusiness, HR upgrading and ongoing enhancement of knowledge, the company is striving to keep abreast of global trends.
Currently, the company is present on the markets of the countries in the region, the European Union, Russia and Middle East.
Its diversified operations are divided in three main organizational segments: primary production, agro-trade and distribution, and food processing.
In primary production Delta Agrar is active in farming, production of fruit and vegetables, cattle and fishery. Production takes place in five agricultural estates owned by Delta Agrar, comprising 15.000 hectares.
In the field of agro-trade and distribution Delta Agrar has been distributing pesticides, seeds and agro-mechanization in cooperation with leading international companies. Company trades in grain, oil based products and mineral fertilizers.
Food production includes meat and processed meat products in the Yuhor factory in Jagodina, water filling Aqua Gala in the factory Mioni, production of pasta and flour in the Danubius in Novi Sad, and packaging and production of apetisans, muesli, cereals and basic food items in the Fun&Fit company, located in Zemun.
Delta Agrar partners are leading international companies in all areas of agribusiness: Syngenta, KWS, Bayer CropScience, BASF, Nufarm, Biesterfeld, DanAvl, Landini, Kuhn, Summit Agro International and others.
Our vision is to be recognized as a domestic and regional leader, and a globally respected business partner.
Our mission is to provide high quality fruit and vegetable and be a trusted partner by satisfying the expectations of our customers, employees, and community in which we operate and society as a whole.

Our overall goal is optimization and continuous improvement of operational performance as an answer to the existing market challenges.

Biz Chances

Our aim is to be direct supplier of European retail chains