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Diego Decima


Ansprechpartner von Frutucuman S. A.

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Telefon: +54 381 4301140

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Frutucuman S. A.

Frutucuman S. A.



Frutucuman S.A. is a company that commercializes fresh lemons and was born by the integration of four producers firms with extensive experience and professional background. These companies are: Blazquez S.R.L., Delotte S.A., Donato Alvarez S.R.L. and Sucesores de Salomón Jalil S.R.L. The farmlands of these producers are located in the province of Tucuman (Republic of Argentina) and posses in total 650 Has. We have packing plants equipped with the latest technology where it is used high quality raw material and specialized human resource. All processes, treatments and inspections are certified by Globalgap and HACCP standards.

Our production is about 12.000 annually Tns and the commercialized brands are: Productores de Tucumán, Alberdi and Escaba, all of them in cartons of different sizes.

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