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Dimitri Haritos

Fachbesucher von

GFC-Global Food Corridors E-Auctions

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Dimitri Haritos



Fachbesucher von GFC-Global Food Corridors E-Auctions

332 kifisias Av.
15233 Athens

Telefon / Fax:
Mobil: +30 694 422 5521

Besuchstage auf der Messe

Februar 2020
Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So

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We are GFC-Global Food Corridors next generation e-auction platform for fresh Agri-commodities in Greece, India, USA, Russia, Latin America, UAE, Moldova and the SE Balkans. We are bringing together supply and demand in a fair and coordinated manner, by providing the latest technological tools and taking into account the grower’s and buyer’s need.

GFC: Who we are/How we do it

The GFC model is the decentralized operation of the auction platform through a national & international network of depots-suppliers, with a centralized cloud base auction system and administration that provides all the necessary tools (let’s call it the “Dealing room”), with a dedicated auction clock per each country/region / market. All Auctions are available to organize an auction with different market clocks. All members of the network use only “1 tool” to do all of their business and to exchange the necessary information, GFC new cloud base multi trade platform. Products belong to the producers/manufacturer/suppliers and are stocked in their premises or GFC’s Terminals, freely to choose and upload into the system the quantities and qualities they have at their disposal each time. Our clients are informed through e-mail one week before inbound, or can check themselves when logging into the system (member license) on scheduled inbound (forecast) of produces, with location/depot, characteristics and volumes.

The buyers are using their favorite way of buying system. Supply and demand are brought together… buyer can check in real time the stock of all the members/ growers in all markets nationwide , or can ask who can deliver this for that price to the network members. This innovative solution enables buyers to buy on the clocks from a standard p.c, a tablet or a portable smart phone. They can also retrieve general statistics or personal reports while on the move.

GFC new decentralized system brings convenience and reliability for the retail buyers and importer, as they can have a real time overview of the category product they are interested to purchase from a wide assortment of different varieties from different regions and different prices, comparing lots, characteristics and prices simultaneously on the trading board & auction clocks.

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Retail chains, SM chains, Grocery chains, service providers, Importers, wholesalers, street markets, processing industries, HORECA markets, fresh produce suppliers, non-perishables suppliers, added value produces, EU market, Russia market, USA market, African and South African markets... Looking for Key accounters in the F&V segment, EU, USA, Russia.


Through GFC world-wide network, we can supply fresh fruits and vegetables, fully organic produce, Tropical fruits from India, spices & condiments, Saffron, organic & conventional pinneaple in cans, dairy produce like authentic Greek yogurt, genuine Greek Feta cheese, Greek Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Greek & India Honey, organic culinary herbs like basil, oregano, mint, taragon, parsley, rosemary, marjoran, thym, and curry leafs, organic herbal nutritional food supplements, moringa leafs & powder, 100% broken rice from Vietnam, basmati rice from India, coffee in Bulk from Vietnam, Uganda & Kenya, Tea in Bulk from India, sessame from Uganda, cinnamon from Sri Lanka, cardamon... All produce are available in Bulk or packed, PL is offered if required (private label).