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110 Rue Moussa Ben Noussair
20060 Casablanca


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +212 522 202564
Fax: +212 522 220735
Mobil: +212 661-491945

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Domaines Agricoles BENZIT (DAB) is located in Morocco, in unique microclimates that ensure the sweetest, best-eating fruit of our exclusives varieties of early white and yellow peaches and nectarines.
DAB has actually two different growing locations of about 500 ha; the inaugural property at Taroudant near of Agadir, and the more recently property at Marrakech. These regions are renowned for their high penetration rates of the sun and high chill units, ensuring high brix levels, optimal color, size and flavor of the fruit.
Both locations have superior growing conditions, optimum for the earliest peaches and nectarines to come into production each season during April and May. This microclimate also ensures we use less chemicals, and can therefore produce fruit with a very low chemical residue level and with a highest internal structure, providing firmness of fruit and adding to shelf life and appearance.
DAB ensures the production, the handling, and the commercialization of early white and yellow peaches and nectarines and complies with the strictest standards in food and safety practices from field to dispatch. Its staff is trained in all aspects of hygiene, food handling and safety practices. DAB is certified with HACCP, Global-Gap, TESCO Nurture, Field to Fork and SEDEX. Our tight quality control practices ensure we are able to offer a premium product to our customers.
DAB has a large portfolio of varieties adapted to the low chill areas which allows to offer a solution to the missing Quality/Reliability in April / May and to respond to the client’s requirements by providing high and constant quality. DAB is a leader and a premium quality exporter, supplying major markets in Europe and North Africa, principally France, United Kingdom and Italy.




Sales & Marketing Director
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