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Dr. Francesco Di Pietro

Export Manager
Technik und technische Systeme


Ansprechpartner von Hydro Fert s.r.l.

Via dei Fornai 16
76121 Barletta Barletta - Andria - Trani

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0883 513494
Fax: +39 0883 1950347

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Hydro Fert s.r.l.

Hydro Fert s.r.l.



Hydro Fert is a dynamic manufacturing company for the production and sales of fertilizers. Established in 2002 thanks to the expertise of its founding partners Riccardo Salerno and Mario Frisardi, Hydro Fert directly produces its special liquid and powder fertilizers.
With the support of a young and efficient staff, Hydro Fert is ready to fulfil the requirements of the farmers, rendering technical assistance and supplying the necessary know-how for the most varied fertilizing needs of cultivation.
Hydro Fert avails itself of the most advanced technologies, providing solutions and innovative products in order to meet the client’s needs and contributing to the increase of quantity, quality and profitability rates of agricultural productions.
Hydro Fert invests and grows to the end of a sustainable development, following the guidelines from the World Conservation Union, UN Environment Programme and World Wide Fund for Nature:
“Sustainable development represents an improvement in the quality of life, without exceeding the carrying capacity of the supporting ecosystems it depends on”.
Such an eco-centric vision of the sustainability can be considered the foundation of the Hydro Fert vision. The human-made agricultural eco-system should be considered a supporting system to be maintained balanced and available for future generations.
To this end, Hydro Fert supports the idea of an integrated and responsible fertilizing process, combining innovative organic formulations of a high know-how with mineral fertilizers. The main objective is to operate in an agricultural field willing to grow and develop “in harmony with nature”.

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