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Benefits of dragon fruit:

Cancer prevention, well-being for digestion, cardiovascular protection, moisture providing to skin, eyesight improving, avoidance of constipation, stabilization of blood pressure, creation of smooth skin, anemia prevention, reduction of cough and asthma, diabetes control, acne treatment, eyes assistance...

The fruit can be made fruit juice or wine; flowers can be eaten or soaked into water like tea. Although its tiny seeds are eaten together with the flesh of fruit, they are not digested.

Specification package:

5 kgs per carton box with Vina T&T logo

The exporting criterias of dragon fruits at Vina T&T:


Vina T&T Export Import service trading

Vina T&T Export Import service trading




“ Vina T&T Group – Success coming from quality “

Being a member of Vina T&T Group, Vina T&T Import - Export Trading Service Co, Ltd was officially established on August, 2014. Although this is quite new company in the market, Vina T&T has continuously affirmed the ability as well as the strength to maintain the interior and exterior brand in the field of import and export to the international market. The main exporting products of the company are agricultural products including dragon fruits, longan fruits, rambutans, coconuts, star apples, durians, etc.

Process of the development:

During the process of development, Vina T & T Group always pays attention to benefit of customers. With the highest responsibility, Vina T&T commits that products and services provided are the best, ensuring the quantity, quality, delivery time and technical standards to meet requirements of customers with each export order. It is also the main purpose of Vina T&T Group to compete and develop.

Based on the experience, strategy and available capacity, Vina T&T has established the reliable system of customers and partners in many major markets in the world including the US, Japan, China, France, Netherlands, and India. With the amount of export reached at 5 millions US dollars, company has been targeting some new markets, for instance: Australia, Canada.

Nowadays, Vina T & T has steadily grown and become one of the enterprises leading in Vietnamese agricultural products. With the concept "The best way to compete and develop is to ensure the interests of customers", we look forward to business cooperation, investment and development together, sharing profits with internal and external partners.

During the development, with the most challenges of the world market, Vina T & T has aimed long-term strategy to carry Vietnam’s agricultural products to all over the world.

Contact information:

General director: NGUYEN ĐINH TUNG
Email: tommy-tung@vinatt.com
Phone number: +84 888 442 888

Deputy General director: VO THI THANH THAO
Email: rosana@vinatt.com
Phone number: +84 949 809 000

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