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17 Abdel Salam Aref


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +20 2 23951857

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Fields of Activity

External and internal marketing of agricultural and horticultural products and inputs of producing them. Import on its behalf and on behalf of others, activities of different commercial agencies and giving services to other in all fields of company's activities.

Company's external markets:

The company is considered a pioneer in the field of export its experience in this field extends in this respect to more than thirty five years where the company gained wide reputation for being distinctive in choosing the best products, preparing and packing them to comply.

With the best Egytian and international specification to the extend that the company's Export reached a big number of international markets and extended to the Arab conturies and a number of European, Asian and others, specially Egytian citrus under the trade mark(nefertity).

The Main Products which The Company's Export:

Citrus - Rice - Fresh Onion - Fresch Garlic - Potatoes - Peanuts - Flax - Medical and armoatic herbs - Seeds - Fresh Fruits - Fresh vegetables - Yarn - Other - Miscellaneous.

Company's Capabilities:

The company enjoys a strong financial position and owns a number od specialized production stations established in several govern orates of the republic based on the nature of the product and its place. These stations had been equipped with production lines the necessary equipment to incorporate export needs in big quantities as the company owns four sation for citrus four station for the preparation and packing of potatoes, onions, garlics, peanuts and flax in addition to a number of branches and stores in the govern orates.

A number of highly qualified employees work in the company and its branches who are very well experienced in the commercial and technical aspects.


The company supplies her clients with services as accommodation of transportation chances on ships and assistance in insurance of shipments according to clients request and also supplies others with its services through her facilities of stations and wide storage capabilities and distinct human experiences.


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