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The main objective of the electric hose reels is to unwind the hose smoothly and to retract it powerfully. The common feature of the many versions of electric hose reel is that they significantly improve the user's working conditions while spraying and watering.
It costs no effort to unwind the hose because a magnetic clutch allows the drum to rotate freely.
The reel retracts the hose again with just one press on the button. This is done by a small transmitter which you wear and a receiver which is mounted in the reel.
Retraction speed
The retraction speed can be freely controlled by the mechanical variable speed drive. The speed control is the solution when you want a constant retraction speed for the hose. This ensures that the ‘hose speed’ remains the same, in spite of the increasing diameter of the hose being wound onto the drum. This enables you to spray your crops even more accurately.
Pneumatic tyres
For use on a concrete path, the reel is fitted with two pneumatic tyres and two swivelling wheels, one of which can be fixed to determine direction.
The reel can be fitted with three pneumatic tyres for use on an unpaved surface.


Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive



Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive is the global market leader regarding internal logistics in the horticulture sector. We provide solutions for cultivating crops, as well as for transporting and processing the harvested product. Our products guarantee both operational convenience and higher yields within the working environment. With many years of experience we have built up a reputation for providing reliable solutions for issues regarding yields in relation to both software and hardware. Berg Hortimotive is supported globally by its extensive dealer network that guarantees excellent service and after sales service facilities to the end-users.



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