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Electronic sorter is the heart of the fruit sorting and packing lines. High resolution cameras, image processing software, carriers, drop-outs work together in harmony to classify the fruits in an accurate and gentle way.

Drop-out brush and soft cushions are used at output belts for gentle products like apples and pears.

The user friendly interface of the TAREND fruit sorting technology, enables anyone with basic computer knowledge to use the system. Remote connection to the system allows instant performance checks, maintenance and service in an easy way.


TAREND Tarim Endustri Makinalari Iml. San .ve.Tic. Ltd. Sti.

TAREND Tarim Endustri Makinalari Iml. San .ve.Tic. Ltd. Sti.



TAREND is an innovative supplier of turn-key solutions for the sorting, dehydrating and packing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Company was founded in 1981 and expanded its product range by combining years of production experience with the existing perfectionist approach and high quality concept.
Main products are electronic sorters, roller sizers, box and bin fillers, packing tables, washing and waxing units, drying tunnels, inspection tables, drenchers, box washing machines and industrial dehydration systems.Besides stand-alone machines, Tarend also supplies complete lines. Customized layouts are prepared for each customer according to their needs and building dimensions.

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