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AgriPulse is a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform that helps companies in the fresh produce sector mitigate environmental risks to the supply of their number one asset - fresh fruit and vegetables.

Using best-in-class meteorological forecasts augmented by a global network of weather stations and satellite data, AgriPulse removes the guesswork in assessing the impact of weather conditions for any crop and in any location.

It connects retailers, suppliers and growers, providing real time status and alerts on growing locations and critical issues through an easy-to-use interface.

Through a comprehensive suite of applications, AgriPulse explores and analyses the data that’s most relevant to your business, identifying when growing conditions are ahead or behind schedule, giving you time to manage opportunities and risks and providing critical business insight based on past history and forecast trends.

AgriPulse provides you with the data, analytics and visualisations at your fingertips, whenever you want them:
  • View the status of your growing conditions globally using our bespoke suite of indicators.
  • Discover the impact of weather in locations where you source produce.
  • Receive early warnings of potential supply risks via daily alerts to your inbox.
  • Compare seasonal progress & outlooks globally.
  • Analyse long-term historic weather data to provide comparisons with previous years.