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Via per Concordia 20
41037 Mirandola, Modena


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0535 26090
Fax: +39 0535 26379

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Europrogress is dealing and producing structures and technologies for protected crops since 1986 . Until today , more than 600 covered hectares have been realized throughout Italy, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria , Balkan countries and Mediterranean countries adapting each structure to the various climates, thanks to the appropriate high technologies plants and gears which are installed in cooperation with partner ships and fitted through external assembly teams.

Further to greenhouses, Europrogress srl ,is studying the technical details in each project in order to obtain the aimed result. This means that each project will consider heating, climate controls, thermical screens and shadowing nets, irrigation and ferti-irrigation , electrical plants properly studied for greenhouses users thanks to our leading partners.

Thanks to the updated and efficiency ‘s system offered, Europrogress srl is able to satisfy both the needs of small family handled farm and large farming cooperatives, farming development agencies as well as Institutes.

An efficient technical assistance service ensures to each customer the maximum result from his purchase. All structures are studied and projected from our specialized technicians and load calculations and declarations made by our specialized partners as per law requests are available at our offices.

The production and sales system of EUROPROGRESS srl has been certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 quality standards since August 2002, while SOA certification for joining in public tenders of OG 1 category , II classification , was issued in February 2002.

Our internal design and consulting department is composed by specialized technicians who are applying design composition criteria on the basis of synergy between :
  • technical ‘s quality solution
  • customer needs and cultivation required
  • climatic conditions

Each solution is the result of deep study and research to assure the customer the reliable quality of our product supplied, according to the current norms and designed to optimized space planning. Our updated and efficient plans are the result of our partnerships with research Institutes and agencies for the realization of high-tech prototypes for scientific-experimental use.

Europrogress , besides, through our administrative department, is able to offer also financing solutions.

Our storehouse is always able to supply any request of spare parts, accessories, and plastic film which can be easily delivered throughout our forwarder.