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FRUITVEB Hungarian Interprofessional Organisation for Fruit and Vegetable


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Villányi út 35 - 43.


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +36 703389567
Fax: +36 13811020

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The goaI is quality and marketable quantity
FruitVeB Hungarian Interprofessional Organization for Fruit and Vegetables drafted the mediumterm sectoral strategy for the fruit and vegetable sector which enjoys general acceptance in the sector.
FruitVeb management reorganised the product committees and intensified communications.
FruitVeB provides the professional backing for the preparation of government decisions affecting the sector. Built on its EU-conform organization, it carries out the work of interest reconciliation covering not only fresh produce but also the products of the processing industry. Producers, merchants and processors equally take part in decision-making. FruitVeB also assists in the operation and improvement of producer organizations (POs).
FruitVeB organises the marketing of the Hungarian fruit and vegetable sector in the Community. Linked to the international "5 a day" Programme, it runs a programme encouraging fruit and vegetable production in Hungary under the tide "3x3 aday" implementing two objectives at the same time, one related to public health and one to the national economy. FruitVeB represents the Hungarian fruit and vegetable sector in the various fruit and vegetable fora of the EU and maintains contacts with the international professional organizations.
FruitVeB also assists in the build-up of quality assurance systems such as GLOBALGAP. Via its monthly magazine, it provides professional information to the members of the organization to obtain information on market trends and opportunities, it carries out market research.
FruitVeB assists in the marketing of the Hungarian horticultural products. Practically, only marketable quality and quantity constrain sales opportunities. The multilateral international consultations initiated by or partially administered or organised by the inter-professional organization (Sour cherry Consultation - Fruit Logistica) also have an important role to play in sales
FruitVeB urges the establishment of continuous high quality supply of produce. With a view to quality supply of goods, a non-profit company sets up by FruitVeB and recognised POs operates a system of independent consultants.
Being a member of the European Union, a large quantity of import goods have appeared in the Hungarian market, which could be favourable to consumers owing to larger choice and seasonality. Yet, frequently such produce arrives in objectionable quality, which causes problems. FruitVeB calls for the tightening of the quality control of food and of stringent testing for chemical residues.