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Plaza Lagos Edif. Mirador Oeste P2 022 Km 6,5 Via Samborondon


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +593 985028669

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We are one of the most prestigious banana exporting companies in Ecuador, with a lot of years of experience in the production, trading,and export of high quality banana and other tropical fruits under the brands of Estelar and Solfruit. We want to satisfy part of the demand of the international fruit market, to do this, we have a department in charge of checking the quality and each one of the technical specifications requested by our customers, such as weight, size and packaging. We daily help to the economical improvement of our country, meeting with good working policies and protecting the environment.

To give to our customers the best quality of banana under our recognized brands: Estelar and Solfruit, to a fair price and delivery on the agreed time in a responsible and safe way, respecting to all the involved sectors too.

To be the referent model of quality because of the banana we export and a responsibility model for the attention we give; we want to exalt our brands and consolidate us as the most important fruit exporter of the region.

To continue growing in an strategical and accurate way, it is essential to follow transmitting values like: honesty, effort, and the responsibility; these principles have become to us in a serious company model with firm goals and purposes through the time.