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Santo Antonio produces high grade mangoes in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Logistics used to be difficulty, so instead of exporting their produce themselves, they sold it for further export. Santo Antonio decided to change this and contracted LCL.

Since Santo Antonio did not have a cold store, which is necessary to safeguard export quality, LCL provided a logistic solution that includes an initial cold storage in the port of Natal. The delicate fruit is thereafter stuffed into high cube refrigerated containers and loaded onto a weekly liner service that runs to ports in Europe.

The first season turned out to be a great success and he following year Santo Antonio doubled the volume and additionally contracted LCL’s trucking services from farm to port.

This integrated logistic service, nowadays gives our client less to worry about and he can dedicate more time to growing first class mangoes and selling them at a premium price in the European marketplace.

This is exactly what LCL is all about; Finding solutions and bringing peace of mind to our clients so that they can focus on their core business.

LCL opened a market window.

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LCL Group

LCL Group



At LCL we're a Global Provider of Highly Effective, Fully Integrated Logistics and Transport Solutions for Perishables.
Proudly commited to providing our clients with the best, most comprehensive logistics and transport service, we offer
local know-how, global coverage and a complete focus on safeguarding your products. This guarantees that we deliver the freshest goods with the smoothes service and best price - over land sea or air.

Global Offices: Chile, Southern Africa , Netherlands , Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, USA, Colombia

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