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NutriCoat is a collection of pre and post-harvest edible coating systems that create a natural barrier between the fruits skin and the atmosphere.

NutriCoat creates an odor-less and tasteless thin film (only a few nm thick – practi-cally invisible to the naked eye) around the fruits outer skin, adapting the fruit’s membrane gas permeability and changing the way it interacts with the atmosphere.

In a nutshell, NutriCoat creates a MA (Modified Atmosphere) system on each individual fruit. The MA system is essen-tially lowering the respiration rate of the product and thus extending its shelf life.

In addition, the edible coating system is also proven to reduce the production and distribution of ethylene in the fruit container, further enhancing the shelf life of the fruits.
  • Ideal for the sanitization of fresh-cut and whole produce
  • Pre and Post-harvest edible coating
  • Completely odorless and tasteless
  • Creates a modified atmosphere on each fruit
  • Significant delay in maturation
  • Membrane only a few nm thick
  • Reduced production of ethylene is reduced
  • Protects against browning, scuffing and bruising
  • Water/color retention, maintained freshness
  • Reduced softening, shriveling and chill injury
  • Easy application by dip, spray or mist

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Nutriac UG

Nutriac UG



Industrial solutions with a scientific approach

NUTRIAC is a Food Science and Technology company.

Our team of experts is dedicated to the development and testing of innovative Shelf Life Extension
for the Fresh-Produce and Food Industries worldwide.

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