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Halle / Stand


The Fresh Produce Centre, Transfesa Road
Paddock Wood
TN12 6UT
Vereinigtes Königreich


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 1892 835577

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FreshPLUS is a fresh produce specialist service provider, offering a flexible menu of services for all parts of the supply chain.
  • Site: Operating at the Fresh Produce Centre, the largest fresh produce dedicated site in the UK.
  • Location: The Fresh Produce Centre is ideally located at Paddock Wood in Kent just off the M20 motorway, within 1½hrs of all major points of entry to the UK.
  • Breadth of product capability: we have a wealth of experienced people and product handling capability across all fruit, salad and vegetable categories
  • Ripening Expertise & Infrastructure: Large scale Banana, Avocado, Stone fruit, Kiwi, Pear, Mango ripening & grading capability.
  • Large scale pack house with a full range of packing formats aligned to all the major retailers’ requirements
  • Highly competitive Distribution and Cross Docking: Our Haulage partner, are based on our site and use it as their southern hub. This yields significant cross docking capacity, benefiting our customers in flexible distribution routes and highly competitive rates.
  • Imports desk offering Customs clearance, duty management and UK landside services