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C-5, 41, 47
Toshkent Shahri


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +998 998580108

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The FIRST UZBEK Nut Company offers healthy, nutritious and tasty dried fruits, nuts and legumes. Our trump card, which allows us to cooperate with customers all over the world, is the naturalness of products, environmentally friendly areas for growing fruit crops, the complete absence of GMOs and preservatives in them. The company has implemented the HACCP system, which ensures safety of the processed products.
Before dried fruits, nuts and legumes get on the counter, we make a careful selection of raw materials with control at all stages of production (laboratory, mechanized and visual). Thoroughly wash and clean the product from impurities, then dry it.
After the products are ready for sale, we pack them in two types of packaging using MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) and special packaging for beans


At The First Uzbek Nut Company, our mission is to cultivate products and services to deliver to our customers and consumers through dedication and commitment to high-quality, nutritious and healthy food choices. Our vision is to produce the best Uzbekistan made products, as well as ensure safety, excellence, and partnerships to support our consumers, purveyors and community.
We have an innovative process that takes advantage of our experience as a dried fruit processor to bring value-added packaging and processing to the basic raw ingredients we have handled for years. This ground-breaking process allows us to manufacture all-natural dried fruit butters and nuts for the industrial food ingredient market, food service industry and retail applications. The FIRST UZBEK Nut Company is a grower and packer of dried fruits and nuts in Uzbekistan