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The Gothic Fertri greenhouse is intended for agricultural production where the structure will be subjected to heavy loads. They’re made for crops that require special cares and concrete growing conditions, ensuring the practice of professional culture. Gothic arch type allows to have more robust structure with wider and higher spans, so we get better light and ventilation, thus obtaining better performance.


FERTRI Greenhouses

FERTRI Greenhouses



FERTRI offers you more than 50 years of experience manufacturing and assembling greenhouses and agricultural structures. Over the years our company has adapted to costumer’s changing needs, so we have improved our structures achieving better cultures and easier work inside the greenhouse. Our wide, useful and efficient product range helps us solving every situation or drawback we could have, thanks to our work in Research & Development.

FERTRI performs all project phases, from the design of the structure to its assembling by our staff. All our products have a warranty and you can complete your greenhouse equipment through our after sales service. Thanks to this philosophy we achieve costumer satisfaction, as we supervise directly and continuously each project level.
We manufacture all the pieces of our greenhouse structures, because we have modern and new plants with the best machines and technology to manufacture and shape our pieces catalogue. All our pieces are manufactured with a tight quality process and all of them pass quality controls, compliance with existing European directives.

Our experience, know-how and costumer’s approval around the world is our hallmark and keep us at the forefront of the greenhouses companies as a benchmark in the construction of agricultural structures.

FERTRI has a wide, useful and efficient product range, which could be adapted to each costumer request. We are ready to manufacture large areas greenhouses, offering specific solutions to each culture and climate, while we can attend and satisfy customers who plant little areas.

All our structures have high resistance and an useful design, so they are beautiful and have structural capacity. It is not necessary welding processes in greenhouse assembling, so it can be made quickly and easily, even the costumer can assemble the greenhouse by himself. The structures are very versatile, as you can extend and modify them as you like and whenever you need, even you can create separated areas inside the structure. All the structural pieces are manufactured in galvanized steel to avoid the corrosion, and they are manufactured in our plants as they are our own design.
Therefore we offer a great variety of high quality greenhouses.

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