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Agriculture has always had to fight the growth of weeds which, as well as damaging the aesthetic appearance of the crops, also compete for water, light and nutrients. Weeds can also compromise pollination, distracting pollinating insects, as well as stealing vital space from other plants. A range of agricultural techniques have been used to try to tackle the growth of weeds, from manual to mechanical weeding and, more recently, chemical products. The most widely appreciated solution is mulching, which can involve the use of organic materials such as leaves and straw, or fabrics and plastic films. As well as keeping weeds under control, mulching also reduces the evaporation of water from the ground and encourages early ripening of the fruit, flowers and vegetables because it keeps the covered ground stays warmer.

Our products:
  • AGRITELA: polypropylene ground covers. They avoid weed growth
  • AGRITELA RIFLEX: height refractive white colour – laid under the fruit orchards, it accelerates fruit ripening and increases fruits pigmentation.