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Geerbos 18
2676 BR Maasdijk (Westland)

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Gearbox Innovations is enhancing growers, breeders and traders to work smarter every day with the use of vision, AI & robotic solutions.

We make your future colleagues who measure and robotise quality and growth, in order to optimise the cultivation process, to save costs and to increase product quality. Work smarter by using high-tech solutions and data driven decision making.

GearVision is an AI driven grading robot to inspect the quality of your fruits and vegetables. Do you want to gain more insight on your product quality, collect data on specific traits, or do you just want 100% quality inspection?

GearVision helps you to work smarter and make data driven decisions based on high-throughput digital measurements of your produce and AI driven analyses of your product quality.

Realtime monitoring with AI. By automating the monitoring and analysis of crops and fruits in a growing environment with smart camera’s and sensors, it is possible to measure growth, quality and development in the cloud platform daily. The new insights help to optimize the cultivation process and improve quality

Your quality makes the difference!