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2 Tchirnakhuli str.
0151 Tbilisi


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +995 555530530

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Georgian Fruit Company is the leading Georgian provider in the international fresh fruit and vegetable market. Collaborating with more than 500 farmers we deliver carefully selected product to our customers, which include the ten largest retail stores in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Our products are locally grown by Georgian farmers, delivered fresh and selected especially for your clients' needs.
At Georgian Fruit Company, meeting international food safety standards is our top priority. We treat the entire post-harvest process – handling, packaging and storing our product – with the greatest care. To expand our storage capacity and processing capabilities, GFC established a modern processing facility consisting consolidation center, a modern processing line, and cold storage. We use modern (UNITEC) grading and sorting equipment. Our product is sorted by size and shape, according to international standards, and stored in coolers before being distributed to our customers. Our focus on quality products has earned us a reputation as a reliable Georgian fruits and vegetables supplier.