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Giles Briston


Ansprechpartner von Redpack Packaging Machinery

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Redpack Packaging Machinery

Redpack Packaging Machinery



Redpack Packaging Machinery design and manufacture Flow Wrapping and Packaging Machinery. Our markets include industries such as fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, household products, bakery, greeting cards, gifts and toys, etc. With a brand stretching back over 35 years our flow wrapping design follows tried and tested techniques.  Despite this each application brings its own unique requirements for custom designed features.
Redpack were founded in 1978, at first producing the "Pacer" flow wrapping machine which became renowed for it's durability and ease of use.  A testimony to this is that some of the machines produced at this time are still in daily use.  In the mid-1990s the "P-series" machines were introduced to the market for the first time, replacing the Pacer series.  Significant investment in R&D in the late 2000s and early 2010s has brought about the new "NTS" Top Seal Flow Wrappers.

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