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29 Middle Street


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Telefon: +27 42 230 0760

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Grown4u offers our customers a direct, transparent and sustainable supply model without sacrificing on quality, service or expertise.
Grown4u is a grower owned (85%) exporting company established in 2010 & our office, situated in the beautiful Sundays River valley Eastern Cape, South Africa. We export citrus fruit from both the Sundays River Valley and the Gamtoos Valley, which are situated two hours to the South.
Our Citrus are of superb quality, including: Soft Citrus, Valencia's, Navels, Grapefruit and Lemons. Our fruit are supplied from selected ethical and GLOBAL G.A.P. certified farms. All pack houses are controlled both from a technical and quality assurance stance by Grown4u employees, and are either HACCP or GLOBAL G.A.P certified.
The Senior Management of Grown4u have specific 'hands on' experience wiht the UK and European markets - especially the supermarket business. Grown4u also apply the edible skin concept as per guidline of Global 2000 in Austria and supplied Edible Skin Valencia's with great sucess the past few seasons.