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This exciting new vegetable washing concept combines all the proven qualities of the popular Haith Supa-flume de-stoner with the superior wash quality of the Haith Semi-submerged barrel washer, whilst incorporating polishing with the Haith Rootveg Polisher and finally onto the latest Haith Innovation - the rotary direct drive dryer.


Vegetables are introduced to the water immediately as they enter the integral des-toner, stones and clod are removed before the crop is gently flume fed into the wash barrel. When heavy soil is present and a robust wash is required the water level can be raised so the pintle lined wash barrel is semi submerged in water, the rubber scroll moves the potatoes through the barrel while the high pressure spray bar works with the rubber pintle to remove engrained dirt from the eyes. The flexibility of the Multi-Wash enables the water level to be lowered and the angle of the wash barrel tilted on
cushioning air bags to create a gentle spray washer, in this mode the potatoes are sprayed with fresh water.

The next stage in the washing process, potatoes are gently encouraged out of the barrel via an all new cone feeder which uses a soft rubber scroll to deliver the potatoes to one of two options available in the Multi-Wash, If required, brush polisher rollers can be fitted, directly driven by high efficiency SEW motors found in the Patented Haith RootVeg Polisher, here minor skin defects can be removed and the general appearance of the crop is lifted, giving up to 15% more pack out.

If polisher rollers are not required the drying process can begin immediately after the barrel with the unique rotary dryer, the 200mm diameter drying rollers consist of open cell sponge or absorbent super strong woven felt.

The polishing and or drying rollers are directly driven and can be removed for servicing in a matter of minutes thanks to the patented Haith drive coupling.

There are independent spring loaded squeezing rollers on the outside of each drying roller to remove excess water and all rollers can be varied in speed with inverter control, excess water is collected in the base tank and can be recycled to the polishing or washing section.

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Haith Engineers Ltd.

Haith Engineers Ltd.



Haith Group, a world leader manufacturing machinery for handling root crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, Swedes, Red beet, and all manner of other vegetables.

The company specializes in Grading, Washing, Bulk Handling, Weighing, Pre-Packing lines and water Treatment systems, using the latest computer aided design and production technology.

Today Haith is recognized as a fore runner in design and technology having won ‘The Queens Award for innovation’ along with many other awards for quality and design and is constantly launching new products which keep the company ahead of its competitors!!

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