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20457 Hamburg

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No matter what!

Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft KG

Since its formation in 1871, the Hamburg Süd has evolved into a quality provider of worldwide ocean transport and individual logistics solutions from one source. The name "Hamburg Süd" is associated with a sum of such positive attributes as first-class service, high technical standards, unified expertise across all the trades served, punctuality and an efficient cost structure.
Hamburg Süd´s position among the 10 largest container lines – is attributable first and foremost to the extension of its range of services, as well as its focus on reliability, efficiency, and sustainability
The company employs a total of approximately 6,000 employees in 250 offices worldwide (100 offices owned of them). It operates approximately 130 container ships and deploys some 562,000 state-of-the-art containers. Hamburg Süd is DIN/ISO 14001 and 9001-2000 certified and is part of the successful Oetker Group, one of the largest family businesses in Germany.
With long experience in the transport of perishable cargo, Hamburg Süd belongs to the top five reefer container carriers worldwide and the largest container carrier in the South American markets. With its Brazilian subsidiary Aliança and under the brand CCNI (Compañía Chilena de Navegación Interoceánica), Hamburg Süd enjoys a global presence as a quality carrier. The Hamburg Süd Group stands for the highest schedule reliability and the shortest transit times.
Stay cool! We care!
A specific area of expertise lies in the transportation of food, with a focus on temperature-controlled – or reefer – cargoes. This encompasses fruit & vegetables, meat, fish & seafood, dairy and other perishable goods. Hamburg Süd has about 100 years of experience in the reefer sector and customers benefit from the extended know-how of the in-house Global Reefer Competence Team.
The Hamburg Süd Group has consistently pioneered new technologies in order to guarantee transport ideally suited to any particular cargo. For perishable products, proper temperature control is of the utmost importance. Our sales staff supports our customers and assists them in dealing with questions of the required temperature, air exchange, humidity levels, or proper stuffing and loading. Hamburg Süd reefer technicians on board our vessels take care of the rest and ensure that temperature-controlled cargo arrives in perfect condition.
With a broad range of 20-foot and 40-foot containers, the Hamburg Süd Group offers the right transport solution for every kind of perishable commodity. Our container pool features state-of-the-art-reefer containers that are regulated by their own integrated refrigeration units to a range of between 30 C and -30°C, as well as PrimeLINE/MAGNUM PLUS containers, capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -35°C.
Hamburg Süd is also one of the leading container carriers when it comes to “Modified Atmosphere” (MA) and “Controlled Atmosphere” (CA) which have become effective means of securing and preserving the quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. Prolonged shelf-life through delayed ripening and reduced freight costs by converting air freight into ocean freight are only some of the potential benefits MA and CA containers can offer.
The latest XtendFRESH Controlled Atmosphere (CA) equipment, developed in partnership with container manufacturer Carrier, ensures optimal cargo care for fresh fruit and vegetable, while remote monitoring solutions allow for the continuous supervision of individual integrated reefer container operations throughout the voyage.



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