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One of the most serious problems that affect modern agriculture is represented by insects which, due to their sucking and virus transmission activities, cause crops to develop growth inhibiting substances, causing a reduction in production quantity and quality, as well as considerable deterioration in the plants, which often appear wilted, with limited, poor quality flowers. This problem is even worse in greenhouses, where particularly favourable climactic conditions increase the insects’ potential for development by as much as 10 times that of the open field. The most commonly used insect control method involves the use of chemical products, which can however cause huge damage to the environment, as well as to the health of workers and end consumers of the agricultural products. Chemical methods have so far been unable to sufficiently control the carriers since, in time, they grow accustomed to the insecticide and become resistant to it, meaning that they can only be controlled by using new, increasingly aggressive and expensive products. Because of this, the use of insect-proof netting in greenhouses is proving to be a more effective method. It entails considerable savings in pesticides and enables totally natural fruit and vegetable production.

Our products:
  • BIORETE: woven high tenacity HDPE monofilament nets for protection against insects and BIORETE AIR PLUS with the same level of protection, allows greater airflow inside greenhouses. With Biorete Air Plus, the increase in air permeability is greater than 20%.
  • IMPOLLIRETE: Laid on greenhouses’opening, it avoids the pollinator insects to go outside
  • RETE MAGGIOLINI: It is laid directly on the ground to protects against apple trees’ May bug.
    For open field cultivations, Arrigoni proposes ARRICOVER and BIOMAGLIA; light and soft nets, they do not require installation and have a good duration (5 years ARRICOVER - 3/4 BIOMAGLIA).