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Pol. Ind. Les Planes, Parc 9-10
25142 Bellvís


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 973 716180

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INTEC is a firm that is specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of machinery for the agro-industrial sector (potatoes, onions, carrots...) specializing in bagging, palletizing and wrapping.

INTEC is a young, dynamic and flexible company made up of professionals with ambition and years of experience in the sector.

Our main goal, since the company was created, is to respond to our clients' technical needs.

Our mission is to design and manufacture the type of machinery that the agro-industrial sector requires.

INTEC has managed to earn the trust and confidence of the sector's leading international manufacturers by carrying out important agro-industrial installations.

A closer relationship between client and supplier has been the basic reason for carrying out this project, which consists of providing the sector with:
  • The use of latest generation technology.
  • The creation of customized projects, depending on our clients' needs.
  • Direct dealings with the technical department.
  • Prices within the sector's reach.
  • Near and professional technical service.
  • Treating the product to be palletized with the utmost care.
  • Great quality finishes.