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3rd Floor, 86-90 Paul Street,
Vereinigtes Königreich


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 20 3893 2420
Mobil: +39 339 522 4224

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InspiraFarms supplies cold storage and post-harvest handling facilities to on- and off-grid operations, enables cloud-based remote monitoring and provides long-term financing and pay-per-kilo options to agribusinesses and agri-food buyers in export markets.

InspiraFarms supports agribusinesses and their supplier farmers to be more competitive and sustainable by offering energy-efficient cooling and solutions and aggregation spaces to significantly reduce postharvest losses and to cut energy costs, while complying global food safety certification standards.

The company has more than 8,000sqm of cold storage and processing space either in the field or being manufactured. It has units operating in Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and India.


Timothy Chambers

Co-founder and Managing Director
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Dr. Michele Bruni

Co-founder and Technical Director
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Paula Rodriguez

Community & Client Relations Manager
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