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Halle / Stand


Finca Valdeluz, Ctra. Lepe-Ayamonte km. 122
21440 Lepe (Huelva)


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 959383126
Fax: +34 959380613

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INTER TERRA is the largest Sharon fruit producer in Europe. Besides Sharoni®, we produce and trade other fresh fruits such as Persimmons, Kumquats, Nectarines,Raspberries,Organic Persimmon, etc. Those products are grown in our farm in the South West of Spain with a privileged weather that yields the sweetest fruit ever tasted.We have been exporting our fruit worldwide for over 40 years in different packagings to fit our clients needs. Our crops and packing facilities meet all quality standards and certified by bodies such as GLOBAL G.A.P., BRC. In addition, we apply for environmental-friendly practices. We remain faithful to our philosophy of research, innovation and quality. Our brands are SHARONI® and MEDINA®.

The company also owns one of the most reputable strawberry and raspberry nurseries in Europe, VIVEROS CALIFORNIA, based in Valladolid, north of Spain.Our objective is to provide the best quality strawberry and raspberry plants at the optimal time to achieve the best results.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth.