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INTERMAG is a producer of innovative biostimulants, specialty fertilizers and animal health products dedicated to professional growers and farmers. Since 1988 INTERMAG has been a pioneer in the research and development of products based on micronutrients and beneficial elements such as titanium and silicon. Our flagship brands are TYTANIT, OPTYSIL and PLONVIT. Recently we have extended our portfolio with the BACTIM line, consisting of advanced microbial products.
The efficacy of INTERMAG products has been demonstrated in over 30 markets worldwide. Over 30 years of experience has made us experts in advanced plant nutrition and management of plant response to stress factors. Our innovative approach contributes to implementing environmentally-friendly farming practices and promoting the production of healthy food.
Our mission is to support farmers in sustainable and profitable agricultural production. Our vision is to provide solutions that increase not only the quantity, but first and foremost the quality of food produced, which will be safe for the final consumer.

Our technology is based on mechanisms invented by nature itself; it is targeted at:
- reduction of plant protection product residues and antibiotics in food.
- increased levels of micronutrients and vitamins necessary in the human diet in food production (biofortification)
- growing plants and animals without negative impact on the environment and according to principles of sustainable agriculture.

We offer innovative products such as biostimulants, anti-stress agents, bioproducts, specialty fertilizers, adjuvants and animal health products. Our comprehensive technologies relating to crop farming and animal health protection meet the requirements of professional agricultural businesses. Our novel solutions are protected by patents.

We guarantee a stable physical form of our products and a composition consistent with the declared content. We use the latest production technologies and follow procedures in accordance with recommendations. Our production is based on the Quality and Environmental Management Systems ISO 9001 and 14001, and Good Manufacturing Practices GMP+. The raw materials used come from verified suppliers that meet quality requirements according to ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as GMP+. Prior to production, all components are subject to strict quality control checks.

Due to a sound knowledge of the market, we can provide a fast response to the market’s changing needs and requirements. We pay special attention to the practicability of recommended solutions, for example, compatibility of fertilization and plant protection programs, as well as combined use of agrochemicals. We also offer the advantage of a long shelf-life for our products and availability of liquid and powder formulations.

Our products can significantly increase crop yield, improve its quality and raise the productivity and health of animals. The effectiveness of products is confirmed experimentally and supported by positive user feedback. Agricultural recommendations are optimized for various climate conditions. High-concentration products allow desired effects to be achieved at low doses.

Stimulants and Activators – TYTANIT, OPTYSIL, VANADOO, AMINOPRIM
Bioproducts – BACTIM series
Liquid and Water Soluble Agricultural Fertilizers – PLONVIT series
Micronutrient Fertilizers – MIKROVIT series
High Alkaline Fertilizers – ALKALIN
Seed Fertilizers – PRIMSEED