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03350 COX (Alicante) Landes Valencia


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 96 6750573

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Knowledge forged for over six decades. Using the best techniques. Refining our Skills. Respectful of our Traditions. Trying our daily best at offering the greatest possible produce and delivering a unique experience to all whom approach us. Aromatic citrus with Flavour, Taste and Colour.

We are located in Cox (Alicante). In our own farms we grow high quality citrus.

- Lemon
- Orange
- Tangerines

We also grow in our own greenhouses in Almería (Andalucía) the best Long Life tomatoes:

- Tomato Versalles
- Tomato Bisonte
- Tomato Tasmir

Our own personality is set with every step we take accompanying our clients, our suppliers, our personnel, our partners. Learning with them. Together we laugh and enjoy ourselves, together we grow and exceed ourselves.

A job well done, partnership and loyalty, are values that are constantly present at out Company since its establishment some 60 years ago. It is the driving force that moves us daily and it is the warranty that our standards will remain unmovable for a long time. Therefore, we count on the hard work and daily effort of hundreds of people. We count on the constant dedication of professionals who put forward their implication at each step they take, with each managing move they make.

Depositaries of the Gambín legacy, a family who from the very beginning are known to establish profound affective bonds with their surroundings, going beyond a mere commercial or business relationship. Fully aware that each gesture counts and that all people add up, whatever their ranking position in the organisational chart, to reach the final result of its product. Values, security, commitment, professional development and individual attention to detail are undividable parts of our way of understanding how we relate to our job.

Welcome to Gambín. Welcome to the ultimate emotional experience.