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10E Floor, JL Kasablanka Raya 88 88@ casablanca, Kota Kasablanka Office Tower A,


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +62 2129631688

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Java Fresh is a leading export company from Indonesia, providing the world all year with all natural exotic tropical fruits, such as mangosteen, salak, coconut, kaffir lime, mango, rose apple, and dragon fruit. The constant whole year supply is made possible by the vast geographical situation of Indonesia’s archipelago. Working with thousand of farmers across theIndonesian archipelago and hold international certifications (Global GAP and in on going process SMETA-SEDEX), the fast growing company has been exporting to 17 countries all over the world, including France, Netherlands, China, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Our head office is located in the capital city Jakarta, Indonesia. However, our packing houses are spread on 5 different regions, in 3 different islands. This strategy is taken not only to fulfill a whole year of top quality exotic fruits supply, but more importantly we try to keep our premises near to the plantation because we want to employ local female workforce to pack our fruits. Most of the agricultural workers in the country are men, while women are most often in disadvantaged in job opportunities especially in small town, this had led them to work in big cities far away from their family.

Driven by this condition, we decided to open more job opportunities for the ladies around our packing houses. In our packing house, we employ approximately 100 staffs where 70% of the workforce are occupied by women. They take different roles, from administrative to sortation and packing process. Having Java Fresh packing house near them means that they can help to support their family income while still taking care of their children..

In the business perspective, we also find this decision is very strategic and greatly support our business growth. Compared to male workers, female workers are tend to be more focus while working, have very close attention to details, and deep loyalty to our company.