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Halle / Stand


Chapel Farm, Fincham
Downham Road

PE33 9HF
Vereinigtes Königreich


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 1366347971
Mobil: +44 7831 280862

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JayCraft Food Machinery UK ltd is a family run business, with over 25 years of engineering experience in the food processing machinery industry, we pride ourselves on a high standard of work and good customer service.
The core of our business started based around our very own stand-alone abarasive batch peeler, designed and manufactured by JayCraft. Since its original design in 2003, we now also manufacture a more robust Swede Peeler along with a Twin Peeler, enabling our customers to double the production output. With a constant evolving society we are now working on our 5th generation update to meet the constant demands of our customer needs.

Over the years we have grown our JayCraft brand, enabling us to offer complete peeling line systems comprising of , Peelers, Elevators, Conveyors, Dip Wheels and Bagger Weighers, along with Salad Spinners and Flume Washers.

At JayCraft we also provide a wide range of new and used food processing equipment which includes Dicers, Slicers and Baton Machines. Which are also available on a rental basis.

Whatever your needs, we are always ready to discuss and accommodate you to the best of our ability.