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John Dumbell

National Key Accounts Manager
Technik und technische Systeme


Ansprechpartner von Packaging Automation Ltd.

Packaging Automation Ltd
WA16 8XW Knutsford

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 1565 755 000

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Februar 2020
Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So


Packaging Automation Ltd.

Packaging Automation Ltd.



Packaging Automation has 57 years of tray sealing expertise with machines installed in fresh produce packing facilities worldwide. Incorporating the latest robotic technology our tray sealing machines are designed to deliver significant increases in productivity, efficiency and performance.
Our recently launched range of MiWeigh productivity improvement solutions for packaging operations incorporate weighing and material handling technology. With the goal of maximising productivity they monitor operator performance and provide a real time visual management tool to aid decision making to improve pack consistency with a clear return on investment.
We are one of the leading providers worldwide of a range of packaging solutions for food products of all types with a name that is recognised by leading food companies all over the world.
PA has distributors in many territories worldwide. Representatives from Het Packhuys BV (The Netherlands), Milbor PMC (Poland), Crawford Packaging (Canada and Mexico) and Versatile Packaging (Ireland) will be available at the PA booth to discuss your requirements.

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