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High Quality Medjool Dates.




Jordan River Dates

Jordan River Dates



Jordan River Dates was founded in 1971, we are one of the fastest growing Medjool Dates Farmers in Jordan.

We are Growers, Packers and Exporters of High Quality Medjool Dates to 17 different countries around the World.

Facts & Figures:-

+30 years of experience in the agricultural sector.
400+ tons annual production.
5000+ Date Fruits Trees.
Continuously grows new farms targeting 1000 tons annual production.
+900,000 SQM of fertile agricultural farming land.

Our Certification & Specifications:-

Quality Medjool & Barhi dates grown on Jordan River Bed.
  • Khaliefeh Prize Winner for Year 2019
  • Global Gap Certificate.
  • HACCP Certificate.
  • NON-GMO Certified.
  • BRC Certificate.
  • Free from Pesticides Residue.
  • 100 % Chem Free.
  • No Preservative or Food Additives.
  • 100% Natural No Sugar Added.
  • Unique taste, texture, and color.
  • Hand pollinated & Handpicked.
Our Services includes the following:-

* Product Sorting and Packing in accordance to Customer requirements.
* Private Labeling.
* Full Export Documentaion.
* MRL Analysis & Phytosanitary Certifications.
* Door to Door Shipping Services.

Our Vision
Being the apex leader in the date agricultural sector in Jordan, continuing to pour quality, calibre, and competitive prices to worldwide clients.

Our Mission
Providing Jordan and the region with high class and ­ne quality dates, handpicked and supremely packed; becoming by that the number one Medjool and Barhi dates.

Our Charity Work:
We were founded on a strong set of beliefs and values to give something back and to help others. Our commitment is to offer employment opportunities for the underprivileged women in our local community. We employ females from the local community providing them with the two meals and daily transportation to and from their residencies. We also employee refugees offering them, and their families shelter and a working opportunity.

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