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47100 ARTA


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Telefon: +30 26810-51011
Fax: +30 26810-51141

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We collect the best Mother Earth has to offer with great respect,
without disturbing nature’s balance. We provide to the world the best
quality, combined with equally high safety standards. Our technology allows us to have a
thorough view of the products’ route, from plantation to the selling stand. This way, we
guarantee that the final recipient of our products will enjoy earth’s presents safely. The
Company has IFS, ISO 22000, GLOBAL GUP, GRASP.
The Unit in 3rd Km Ioannina-Arta gives KROP an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of
Oranges, Mandarines, Lemons and Kiwi, with the prospect of further increase in the future. This sector is 6,500 m2, in 30,000 m2 space, with 1,800 Tn of refrigeration facilities and well equipped.


Produktgruppen & Branchen